Wayfinding Signage


A coherent and consistent sign system is essential to the creation of a visually unified urban campus. We provide standards and specifications to satisfy several interrelated objectives for interior and exterior signage within the BSD/UCM.

  1. Provide room number assignments.
  2. Review all renovation project signage orders.
  3. Liaison / Coordinate donor signs with Development Office.
  4. Coordinate UCM/BSD departmental signage requests / orders.
  5. Manage order and installation of all wayfinding signage.
  6. Directional / Overhead signs
  7. Elevator Directories
  8. Medical campus maps
  9. Room numbers/names
  10. Departmental signs
  11. Exterior: pedestrian, vehicular directional signs
  12. Exterior: Building monuments & vinyl at entrances
  13. Maintain inventory database of all wayfinding signage.
  14. Data: Sign types, messages, and locations
  15. Update signs for new projects/units relocations
  16. Produce production-ready artwork for installation