Furniture Services


We offer free in-house design services and budget integration for the purchase of Herman Miller furniture through our value-added broker, Interior Investments.  Our standardized approach to furnishings provides excellent options for user fit, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability.

Services Provided:

  1. Furniture planning and procurement.
  2. Guidelines for the square footage of private, shared, and workstation offices.
  3. Standardized layouts and configurations of each office/workstation type, according to established size increments.
  4. Standardized chassis and components of private office and workstation furniture.
  5. Standardized laminate, fabric, and color options are available to users.
  6. Vendor inventory of “quick-ship” furniture stock.
  7. Cost reduction of typical furniture.
  8. Web-based user interface for quick selection and cost estimation of standard furniture configurations and options.
  9. On-campus attic stock of used furniture and components for quick reuse.