Architectural Services


BSD Architectural Services assists in the coordination of vendor architects and their interface with user groups within the BSD.   We help guide the architects and users through the typical AE process and ensure that their efforts are coordinated within the guidelines and standards which exist within the University of Chicago.

Services Provided:

  1. Architect selection.
  2. Architectural design oversight.
  3. Coordination with space planning and program management.
  4. Architectural standard compliance.
  5. Space programming expertise sufficient to provide pre-planning and planning services.
  6. Assesses the feasibility/cost of space options.
  7. Interfaces with the RFP process.
  8. Maintains Office Space Guidelines, Finishes, Interior/Exterior Signage Guidelines, updated CAD Standards, ADA Minimum Office Size Guidelines, Room Number Assignment Policy, Wayfinding Signage Manual, Building Measurement Standards Policy, and Closeout Documents Guide.